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Geography and travel were always a fascinating subject to both study and behold, and the extreme changes in the cultures and landscapes from place to place are stunning. The ways in which the human species chooses to inhabit and create a life in the most lush or sparse terrains are endless, and each way of life has something important to teach the rest of the world.

Visiting Africa was an eye opening experience for an impressionable teenager who is ever grateful for that opportunity to see the vast savannahs, wild herds, savage wilderness, and the incredible people of the land. A simple life of living well and working hard had a huge effect on the minds and bodies of the people. One of the main things immediately noticeable was the youthful appearance of every face, no matter the age -- skin so smooth and even, free of the blemishes and imbalances that were plaguing teenage faces en masse at home. What was the secret? Was it the subsistence diet, the work that made the body strong, or the ample sunlight? I had been experimenting for months to find some solution to my own skin problems after endless disappointing dermatology appointments and prescription creams. After this trip I started to pay attention, ask more questions, and study the cultures and traditional medicines from around the world. Maybe there was a solution out there after all. Ancient remedies and preventatives have been documented and used for great lengths of time, even if few have been incorporated into mainstream modern medicine.

A visit to Central America brought another important turning point in thought and discovery. While spending time in small villages, immersed in the local culture, the food was always a main focal point. In this remote region there were few stores and many houses had little or no electricity. A proper restaurant was a large patio extended on the front of a local home, adorned with Christmas lights. The food was the best we had ever tasted. It was not fancy or decadent, but simply fresh and unprocessed. The owner had an answer that stuck out, “Everything was caught or picked today. No preservatives are used here.

Many families don’t even have refrigerators to store food.” What that difference tasted like was indescribable to someone that was raised on instant food from boxes and cans. Once again, people who ate fresh foods from the earth and had work that made them connect to the world around them had that same glow of true health.


Illness in Loved Ones

Illness can be devastating to endure and leave lasting chasms, even in close-knit groups. My family has not been immune to the havoc of diseases and cancers. Seeing so many types of illness in people that should have been healthy was and still is troubling.

My past experiences led me to look for natural solutions that were used in ancient cultures for therapy and healing. Each ingredient was studied at length to get the true depth of understanding on how each can work together with the others to bring vital natural chemical structures into the body in the correct ratios to aid in recovery. True cellular recovery throughout the entire body and subsequent balance is key to resolving, and not simply masking, many of the symptoms that now seem so common.

In researching and experimenting for solutions to my own problems, some close friends (of various ages and skin types) wanted to know if they could be helped as well. Each would bring their own of types issues, each entirely different from my own or the others. All were diseases or chronic illnesses that required specialized care or support. Skin problems seemed to be a common issue with many of these situations, either as part of the diseases themselves or as complications from treatments. Overuse of chemicals, lack of a fresh and natural diet, and a lowered levels of physical exertion in our modern lives has had dark implications on our overall health and well being. Immune system imbalances seem to run rampant, and the market for immune system boosters, making claims of super-human levels of health and vitality, is running in tandem. But the research on the inner workings of living beings of all types shows a pattern of chemical imbalance and overload coupled with an immune system that is in constant heightened states of operation and fatigue. This combination is worrying on its own, but there is also the factor of nutritional deficiency that not only plays into this, but can exacerbate conditions. Without the nutrients needed to operate at even a regular level, much less a perpetual state of cellular distress, the internal body systems are unable to sustain or attain maximum health or vitality. One supplement or product could not amend this level of damage on its own.

Concern about not only my own health, but the health of my family and friends, was growing, and my research expanded past personal skincare problems. Educating myself about the food and product manufacturing industry gave insight about how pervasive chemical use is in our lives today. People are sicker than ever and chronic conditions and diseases are the new normal. But the body is capable of truly amazing things if given the chance and support that it needs to do the best it can. Mechanisms for repair and recovery exist in every organism, the human body included. We need natural chemistry to support and enhance our life functions, not created chemistry that our bodies do not have ways to process or protect us from.

As I worked on finishing a degree in business, there was suddenly a clear picture of what had been building inside me for most of my life -- a way to do the most good possible with my passion for the healing power of what exists in the natural world. The Earth has truly given us all we need. Skincare has been used as a medium for remedies in every society. It seems widely known that treatments are more effectively absorbed through the skin versus ingestion in most of the cultures that were studied over years of development and travel. Organic and pure, the true essence of the chosen plants and minerals can give dramatic results when used in harmony with each other at carefully considered ratios, especially when combined with a healthier lifestyle. The skin is the largest organ, and is the last stop for total nutrition that comes into our bodies. When we are undernourished or missing the variety of nutrients we need, it shows in the skin. Skin that seems to glow and radiate gives off the attractive aura of health and well being. There is a natural desire for this and a natural attraction to it as well. The use of heavy makeup to give this look is, in itself, detrimental to any attempts to achieve real change. The cosmetic industry is widely known as a chemical dumping ground for many industrial byproducts, unproven and practically unidentifiable chemical cocktails, that end up on our faces, in our bodies, and in our families.  Helping people to replace chemical-laden products with a healthier option that can truly change, heal, and help support recovery and health is what drives us at




Sourcing the best raw ingredients and purest forms of botanical, mineral, and phytonutrient compounds for our formulas is paramount to their effectiveness in the results that we have documented. Truly investigating where each and every ingredient comes from, who interacts with it, and how it is handled is not a step that some, if not most, companies fail to do as thoroughly as most of us would like to think. Experience in industrial manufacturing, industrial supply chains, and the skincare field has shown me time and time again a lack of transparency and a lack of in-depth questioning and follow-up with supply chains. Loose regulations on what chemicals are deemed safe for use are also rather alarming, especially considering the sheer volume of unknowns regarding chemical compounds and derivatives on which no long term studies have been performed. Many chemicals are approved with little to no testing. Most product testing is very limited in scope and study time, with little consideration for effects on the totality of the body systems that are affected after short and long term. The following excerpt from Consumer Reports shows a small sample of the current system in place, specifically regarding how ingredients come to be Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS): 

    In 1997, the FDA introduced a new rule that allowed companies to decide for themselves what ingredients qualify as GRAS, and to report those designations to the FDA—or not—on a voluntary basis. Critics say the result has been a string of questionable practices on the part of food companies, and a lack of response from the FDA.

    For example, the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association (FEMA) has classified several possible carcinogens as GRAS, and when pressed has failed to produce peer-reviewed safety data on those chemicals. But it's the unknown ingredients—that have never been reported at all, let alone publicly evaluated—that most worry scientists and advocates. Food additives have multiplied exponentially in the past half-century, from a few hundred chemicals to several thousand. They can be found in virtually any processed food—from breakfast cereals and energy drinks to frozen dinners and all manner of snacks.

 -Consumer Reports 2016, “GRAS: The Hidden Substances in Your Food”

Our research has uncovered an ugly side to our modern life. But it has also shown us a beautiful and natural side, that is available for anyone to turn to. Consulting with true experts in every field in which we needed insight helped to propel formulation development and testing processes. Diligence and attention to detail takes time, but time, skill, and constantly striving for excellence are the ingredients of quality. Ancient cultures and rituals came back into focus as some of the longest-running documented use and testing of natural extracts and compounds, far exceeding most modern regulatory
requirements. Our awe at the earth’s broad array of powerful agents for healing and defenses against damage is still felt in our internal discussions and discovery sessions.
In each carefully thought-out and developed treatment that we release there are years of layered learning and dedication to getting it right -- right for ourselves, right for our families, right for you, and right for our planet. Taking every chance to do the right thing is what we are building this company on. The result of so many factors comes down to what we choose to do with it all. Bringing together our research, results, and values has created treatments and solutions to many of the skincare and wellbeing issues that most of us will face in this modern life, from esthetic concerns with the effect of aging, acne, and repetitive or vigorous washing, to the more serious concerns such as eczema, psoriasis, and chronic conditions and diseases such as allergies, diabetes, or cancers. Spots, uneven tone, lines, painful patches, sores, cracks, and overall distressed skin or hair can be deeply treated, and improved or reversed. Cellular recovery and health is attainable with the right support system, and our products are developed to work together and with the body to help deliver true results that can be seen and felt both inside and out.
So what does this mean for the person choosing to use one of our products or reading this?

We hope that it means everything.

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