Lymph Serum

Adapt & Overcome Lymph Serum

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Calming, Detoxifying, Boosting, Stabilizing

This rare oil and botanical extract blend is a potent mix of body boosting plant compounds that support and enhance body systems for recovery and regeneration. A carefully developed formula of central nervous system affecting extracts combined with immune elevators  can reduce anxiety, stress, pain, fatigue, and symptoms of toxin overload. Chronic stress, recurring illness, or extensive treatments can have grave results on every system of the body without support. Deep and calming organic essential oils deliver potent benefits in both aromatherapy and direct absorption. With this super concentrated formula a few drops go a long way and provides long term results.

For Optimum Results: Shake well and apply 2-4 pumps (10-12 drops for sample size) to hands. Apply serum in underarm, chest, and other lymph gland areas for optimal delivery and body system support. Start with smaller amounts until you have found the perfect amount for your needs.

Ingredients: Organic American Oryza Sativa, Botanical Extracts (Helichrysum Italicum,  Ecuadorian Palo Santo, Wild Vetiver, Himalayan Jatamansi, Indian Tulsi, Italian Bergamot, Madagascan Ylang Ylang, French Lemon Balm, Moroccan Blue Tansy, Broccoli Seed, Cacao Seed)