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Recovery Collection: For the Fighter

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Body system therapies to help you cope.

Concentrated therapeutic grade raw ingredients deliver powerful benefits that can help control or reduce the most challenging conditions or side effects from aggressive illnesses and treatments that can affect your body systems, skin, hair, and overall health. Layered therapies in each product help to support you and your body’s glorious systems in order to improve function and enhance your overall well-being. Handmade with the best of intentions and your healing in mind. Limited ingredients minimize interactions and exposures to sensitivities. No chemicals or fillers are used, ever.

For Optimum Results:

*Choose either FULL or SAMPLE sizes!*
The Recovery Collection includes:
Full Size:
  1. Adapt & Overcome Lymph Serum (2oz.)
  2. Pain Management Massage Gel ( 2oz.)
  3. Blue Tansy Deep Growth (2oz.)
  4. Deep Detox Deodorant (2oz.)
  5. Headache Hope Nutrient Oil (10ml)


Sample Size:
  1. Adapt & Overcome Lymph Serum (.40oz)
  2. Pain Management Massage Gel (5ml)
  3. Blue Tansy Deep Growth (.40oz)
  4. Deep Detox Deodorant (15ml)
  5. Headache Hope Nutrient Oil (5ml)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lea G. (North Royalton, US)
The only products I’ll ever use!!

I cannot begin to describe the strength in these products! Ever since I started using these products, I have become addicted to them. Not only do they smell amazing and last a long time, nothing else compares to their strength!!!! If you haven’t tried the recovery collection, I highly suggest you try it!

Shireen D.
Superior effectiveness

These are the best products I've ever tried! Especially the pain ointment! Starts working almost immediately and lasts far longer than any other product I've used.

Veteran with PTSD and Fibromyalgia

Overall, I've been using this collection for over a year. The products work together in my daily life and routine so well. I feel like I think much more clearly, I am far more productive, much better at managing stress levels, and I hurt so much less than I used to. Dealing with pain everyday plus the uneven feeling that you get with anxiety or stress is hard to do. The Adapt & Overcome Lymph Serum helps me to do just that. I feel calm, even, and much more relaxed. It even seems to help with some of the pain and neuropathy issues.
The Pain Management gel is the best by far I've tried and really helps to kill of the muscle, joint, and body pain fast. It even helped my dad right after his knee replacement surgery (he said more so than the pain killers!).
So with the Deep Growth Blue Tansy, my hair is now incredibly soft, strong, and the length shot out about 4 inches within about 2 months! My friend's "empty patch" is even growing in...that's impressive.
I love the Detox smells great, helps me to slowly detox my body in a natural way, and most importantly it works! I don't sweat through it and all I smell is the faint and glorious scent of the deodorant itself.
And the Headache Hope roller is a serious life-saver. I use it all the time and it even helps with bad joint pain or a muscle cramp. I roll it on the back of my neck to cool down. It's minty smelling, but that wears away to an earthy/floral smell. It's hard to describe but I'm hooked.