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Ultra Sensitive Kids Cleanser

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Hypoallergenic with minimal ingredients; for use on extremely sensitive skin types.

This gently renewing organic baby and children’s wash cleanses and soothes your child's skin with exotic Rooibos, Kigelia, and African Potato extracts that drive a wave of soothing relief over the most sensitive skin types.

For Optimum Results: This ultra-gentle cleanser contains only six ingredients, for the ultimate in purity: no scents, no colorings, no chemicals, no harsh anything. Can be used as a face, body, or hand wash.

Ingredients:  Distilled extract of African Organics (Kigelia Africana, Rooibos, African Potato), Organic Soap Base (Goat’s Milk and Organic Glycerin), Sea Kelp Extract

8 oz. size