Organic Facial Toner
Botanical Facial Toner
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Rare Botanical Facial Toner

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Tighten. Fill. Moisturize. Smooth. Regenerate.

This lifting and energizing facial toning mist is made from some of the rarest and purest botanicals on earth. Helichrysum, lemon balm, and frankincense extracts act as natural toners and are known to relax the face and tighten the skin. Palo santo and ylang ylang help to attain maximum moisture and hydrating effects for a full, even, supple skin surface all day or night. Set in 1% hyaluronic acid, 24k molecular gold is taken into the skin and body system and can enhance appearance and tone while improving cellular functions in the whole body. The pure botanical essences impart vital benefits for facial and neck regions including: replenishing radiance, soothing irritation, evening tone, relaxing tense facial muscles, tightening loose areas, helping to increase moisture and fullness while reducing pore sizes. Gives skin a totally polished and tightened look.

UV protection level: SPF 5+

For Optimum Results: Spray 4-6 times into your hand or on your face directly. Massage into skin using circular upwards motions. Pay extra attention to your under-eye areas and other areas of concern. For most dramatic results use with our Under Eye Serum & Facial Oil as part of the Impäkt Organic Peel & Lift Total Facial Collection or as a moisturizing treatment after our Foaming Clay Cleanser. *USE WITHIN 6 MONTHS*

Ingredients:  Mineralized Steam Distilled Spring Water, Hyaluronic Acid, Corsican Helichrysum Flower, Ylang Ylang, Melissa Officianalis, Palo Santo, Frankincense, Molecular Gold (24K), Vitamin C, Grapefruit Seed Extract.

Organic, Vegan, Chemical Free, and Sustainably Sourced.