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Men’s Badass Beard Oil

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Tame, Soften, Regrow, Fortify

This select oil and plant blend was developed to increase overall health of not only facial hair but the skin surrounding it. Base skin health is vital for hair and for regrowth support. From the base oils to the more rare plant extracts, each ingredient is carefully chosen to support the optimal health of your hair and skin. Skin health is vital for creating the environment in which new growth and damage repair can occur. Gentle earthy tones will help to ground you and can increase pulses. With this super concentrated formula a few drops go a long way and provide lasting and dramatic results.

For Optimum Results: Shake well and apply a few drops to skin or hair as desired. Start with smaller amounts until you have found the perfect amount for your needs.

Ingredients: Organic Oils (American Oryza Sativa, Senegalese Hibiscus, American Meadowfoam, Namibian Marula, French Starflower, African Shea), Crushed Blue Pearls, Botanical Extracts (Helichrysum Italicum,  Ecuadorian Palo Santo, Wild Vetiver, Himalayan  Jatamansi, Indian Tulsi, Italian Bergamot, Madagascan Ylang Ylang, French Lemon Balm)


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