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Ultra Sensitive Cleanser

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This luxurious and creamy cleanser is the ultimate in sensitive skin care. For dry, sensitive, red, flaky, or similar problem skin types.

This luxurious cream wash is the ultimate in sensitive skin care. Enriching and intensely renewing, this organic cleanser brings life back to your skin with rich glacier-fed Marine and Rhassoul clays. Coconut husk charcoal draws out impurities while pure African Shea Oil revitalizes from deep within. Exotic Rooibos, Kigelia, and African Potato extracts drive a renewing force into the deepest layers of damaged skin.

For Optimum Results: These revered African healing plants are known for their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties as well as for their efficacy in the treatment of immune system disorders. Use as a face, body, or hand wash.

Ingredients: Organic Glacial Living Marine Clay, Moroccan Rhassoul Clay, distilled extract of African Organics (Kigelia Africana, Rooibos, African Potato), Coconut Husk Charcoal, Sea Kelp Extract, Organic Soap Base (Goat’s Milk and Organic Glycerin), Pure Shea Butter Oil, Steam Distilled Water

8 oz.