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Bao-Baby Powder

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Soothing. Simple. Clean. Detoxifying.

This pure and gentle powder will keep you dry and comfortable without any artificial or harsh ingredients. Baobab fruit powder is renowned for its nutrients and usefulness in everyday life for the people that harvest from the “tree of life”. Arrowroot has been used by indigenous peoples for over 7,000 years and is a safe alternative to cornstarch. Marine Glacial Clay that is hand harvested in British Columbia helps to detoxify and gently nourish skin with minerals and vitamins. Crushed Blue Pearl powder leaves skin silky soft to the touch. Great for children, adults, or anyone that has an issue with humidity.

For Optimum Results: Twist top to dispense as needed.

Ingredients: Baobab Powder, Arrowroot Powder, Marine Glacial Clay, Crushed Blue Pearls

4 oz.