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Hydrate and reverse the damage from chronic dryness while using this ultra moisturizing lip care treatment. All organic and truly therapeutic with the best nature has to offer for an amazing difference in health, volume and overall feel to give lips a total transformation from the inside out. Repairs and renews lips on a cellular level. Heals and helps to prevent damage. Infused with a complex of micronutrients, raw silk, crushed blue pearls, and a double dose of hyaluronic acid.

Each is it's own adventure.

UV protection level: SPF 30+

Flavor & Color Descriptions:

Green Tea

Ceremonial Japanese Matcha Green Tea adds skin hydrating nutrients with a unique earthy sweet flavor straight from ancient ceremonies. Oriental florals entice with sweet earthiness. 

Pink Hibiscus

Cold pressed hibiscus oils and extracts are high in antioxidants, flavanoids, and can help increase collagen production. Increasing the elasticity of skin cells has an anti-aging effect and help to heal small wounds or sores.

Wild Lavender

Freshly crushed wild Corsican lavender buds and oils take you through the fields on this island in France where you can feel the wind coming in from the coast and smell the budding lavender in it's most natural form.

Honey Reishi

Red reishi extract is renowned for it's potent adaptogenic compounds that help the body cope with stresses and the chemical compounds that the stress process releases. Reishi is the Mushroom of Immortality and is renowned for it's health supporting compounds.

Raw Cocoa

This blend of raw cocoa takes you into deep tropical South American forests and rewards you with the sweet essence of raw cacao. With over 300 phytonutrients and compounds that can help repair damaged DNA structures, increase blood flow, deliver antioxidants, and protect against future damage.

Dragon Fire

Crushed Ceylon cinnamon gives the distinct sweet and spicy taste that exudes an aura of power and confidence. Breathe fire and release your inner dragon with this walk on the wild side.

Jasmine Vanilla

This blend of Madagascan vanilla, jasmine absolute and raw honey will have you walking through fields of jasmine with its floral notes and transport you to Madagascar with the sweet top notes of pure vanilla beans. The calming properties of Jasmine flowers bring relief from stress and anxiety. Antidepressant compounds can help you to increase your sense of well-being and self-love. 

Spiced Coffee

This blend of Ceylon cinnamon and natural coffee extracts is that morning fix that we need all day long. Sweet coffee and the hint of cinnamon and spices create a moment of caffeinated bliss.

Winter's Breath

This cooling blend of fresh mints gives the distinct taste of a cold sunny winter day. This is a family favorite that uplifts the spirit and refreshes the soul. Feel the snow falling on your lips as they are drenched in a sweet mint moment.

Classic Ingredients: Raw Fresh Beeswax, American Oryza Sativa Oil, Organic Raw African Shea Butter, Organic Lanolin, Organic African Nilotica Shea Oil, Japanese Camellia Oil, Organic Raw Honey, Crushed Blue Pearls, Raw Silk Extract, Organic Hyaluronic Acid, Organic Botanical Extracts (Broccoli Seed, Cacao Seed), Organic Essential Oils

Vegan Ingredients: Organic Raw African Shea Butter, Organic Candelilla Wax, Organic Bayberry Wax, Organic American Oryza Sativa Oil, Organic African Nilotica Shea Oil, Organic Japanese Camellia Oil,  Organic Rosehip Seed Oil, Organic Hyaluronic Acid, Organic Botanical Extracts (Broccoli Seed, Cacao Seed, Aloe), Organic Essential Oils

Customer Reviews

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Lavender Lip Treatment Gloss

I really love the lavender lip treatment gloss. Smells and feels great! Highly recommend!

Lip Treatment Gloss

Just love this stuff - especially in the winter - never have chapped lips as long as I use this product!

Love them all!!

I have bought the small sizes of each one. I can truly say, I love them all!! My lips are so soft!! I’m planning on going for a full size next time!! Love that I can slide a small one in a little bag or my pocket!! GREAT PRODUCT!!

Lip Gloss TREAT-ments :)

Amazing. I love the cocoa, but I need to get crazy and try another flavor.!I just can't bring myself to do it because I love the cocoa one too much. Great products, Great Company!

Lip Gloss Glam

Love the Lavender....