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Organic Peel & Lift Total Facial Collection

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For total facial regeneration.

This collection is specifically crafted for combating:  lines, wrinkles, bags, puffiness, sagging skin, dry patches, oily skin, acne, blemishes, uneven tone, radiation or UV damage, and patchy areas. Signature Glossing Lip Treatment and smile brightening Glo-White help bring together a new glowing look of health and radiance. The unique application of the set creates enhanced results with easy directions included!

2-3 month supply & $16 savings!


The Organic Peel & Lift Total Facial Collection includes:

1. Foaming Clay Cleanser: 2oz.

Choose your strength:

    • Full Strength: 100% strength (VEGAN)
    • Medium Strength: 50% strength + additional Organic Shea Oil (VEGAN)
    • Ultra Sensitive Strength: For the most sensitive skin types (facial eczema, psoriasis, similar conditions) (NOT VEGAN-Goat's Milk Soap Base used)

**Organic Luffa facial buffing disc is included in every collection**

2. Under-Eye Serum & Facial Toning Oil: Full size

3. Rare Botanical Facial Toner: 2oz.

4. Glo-White Smile Brightening Treatment: Sample size

5. Glossing Lip Treatment: Full size (Indicate if VEGAN version is desired in notes).