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Blue Tansy Deep Growth Hair Serum

Blue Tansy Hair Growth Serum

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Brow, Lash & Hair Growth With Blue Tansy 

Our Blue Tansy Hair Serum gives you a knockout blend of Blue Tansy essential oils, Helichrysum essential oils and rich extracts.

The Earth’s best hair repair remedies and nutrients in one structured formula.

Blue tansy oil has many benefits and is excellent for strengthening and softening the strands while follicles are deeply nurtured to support new growth and regrowth.

Broccoli and Cacao Seed extracts deliver nutrients in a power shot to your hair roots and surrounding areas to stimulate rapid recovery and support systems.

This Starflower, Camellia (Green Tea), Sea Buckthorn, Neem, and Castor oil fusion deeply saturates and protects to create safe and fertile grounds for the best results that your body can deliver.

Botanical extracts intensely heal with an incredible blend of compounds and nutrients that can help foster a new level of health and overall hair growth.

For Optimum Results: For a light softening and smoothing effect you would apply just a drop or two to your hands and smooth evenly over your hair focusing on the roots and ends. Shake well and apply 1 small pump to fingers or a shaping brush for brow and lash application for a daily growth treatment.

For a medium level weekly treatment use several pumps of the serum in your hands and smooth evenly throughout hair from roots to ends. The saturation level for this would be enough of the serum to visibly see that oil has been applied to the hair. You should leave this on for at least two hours before washing if possible. Leaving the serum on longer is fine as well until you wash. Use more or less if you have very long or short hair accordingly. You will feel what level works best for yourself after a few uses. 

For a deep moisturizing or growth treatment you would use enough serum (4-6 pumps) to fill a section of your cupped palm (or applied directly in hair) depending on the length and thickness of your hair. The saturation level for this deep treatment should be a sheen of the oil visible after being applied thoroughly from roots to ends. At this application level your hair should feel or look rather wet. This can be left on for a short time (30 minutes) but we recommend leaving the hair growth serum on for at least 2 hours before washing. Leaving the oil treatment on longer is fine as well if needed. 

Ingredients: Organic Oils (Japanese Camellia Sinensis, Senegalese Hibiscus, American Meadowfoam, French Starflower, Sea Buckthorn, Neem, Castor), Botanical Extracts (Corsican Helichrysum Italicum, Moroccan Blue Tansy, French Lavender, Southwestern Aloe, Middle Eastern Frankincense, Officinalis Ginger, Broccoli Seed, Cacao Seed, South African Potato, Fenugreek Seed), Red Algae Derived Sea Minerals, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Grapefruit Seed Extract

Customer Reviews

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My hair is soft and growing thicker

I have been using this for a few months and it has really helped me. My hair was thinning and had been for years. My hair is very soft and is growing in much thicker than before. I feel such a difference and so does my stylist. She is trying it now herself!

Kevin B.
Very adequate

Very adequate. Every morning I'm surprised by the results.

Thank you Kevin! Glad you enjoy your results!

Cherry P.
Hair serum

I have high hopes for this product but no directions for use included with it. No idea how much or how often to use it.

Cherry, most of our sample size bottles are too small to put much information on as we'd like to! All usage and info is always found on the website. But we are now making small information cards to send with sample sizes. Your input is valued to help us grow and we are listening.
Here's the link to the hair serum:

Patty S.
Just amazing!

Wow, I love this hair serum! Not only is my hair looking and feeling so much healthier, my eyelashes are getting back to their former (pre hormonal changes) beauty. A little bit goes a long way - I use 1 squirt each morning. I can't wait to see my stylist and see how impressed she is with my hair's improvement!

My hair has never been this healthy and I have eyebrows now!

My hair is growing like crazy and has magically transformed into really healthy (and so soft) feeling dream hair. After a few months I'm not even finding split ends. At the six month mark of using the hair serum I hit waist length! I had medium length (past my shoulders) to start but's never gotten this long ever before. I use it a few times a week with one of those being a deep treatment. I just pump out a little bit in my hand and work it into my hair and scalp a few hours before a shower.

My eyebrows are growing out like they want to be on Instagram! I have never had to form them before so it's exciting to see them growing where I've never been able to. So I started wiping a bit on my lashes too while I was at it. After a month or two I started noticing that I had to use less mascara. My real lashes are growing in like crazy and are starting the do the fan spread on their own. I'm super impressed at what this hair serum is achieving.