Blue Tansy Deep Growth Hair Serum

Blue Tansy Deep Growth Brow, Lash & Hair Serum

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Grow. Nurture. Expand the Kingdom.

This serum gives you a knockout blend of revered & rare Blue Tansy, Helichrysum, and the best oils and extracts in the natural world. Earth’s hair repair remedies and nutrients in one structured formula. Hair is strengthened and softened while follicles are deeply nurtured to support new growth and regrowth. Broccoli and Cacao Seed extracts deliver over 400 combined macro and micro nutrients in a power shot to your roots and surrounding areas to stimulate rapid recovery and support systems. This Starflower, Camellia (Green Tea), Sea Buckthorn, Neem, and Castor oil fusion deeply saturates and protects to create safe and fertile grounds for the best results that your body can deliver. Botanical extracts intensely heal with an incredible blend of compounds and nutrients that can help foster a new level of health and overall well-being. Long live your Kingdom.  

For Optimum Results: Shake well and apply 1 small pump to fingers or a shaping brush for brow and lash application. Use 2-3+ pumps for full hair deep treatment (scalp to ends). Use more or less if you have very long or short hair accordingly. You will feel what level works best for yourself after a few uses.

Ingredients: Organic Oils (Japanese Camellia Sinensis, Senegalese Hibiscus, American Meadowfoam,  French Starflower, Sea Buckthorn, Neem, Castor), Botanical Extracts (Corsican Helichrysum Italicum, Moroccan Blue Tansy, French Lavender, Southwestern Aloe, Middle Eastern Frankincense, Officinalis Ginger, Broccoli Seed, Cacao Seed, South African Potato, Fenugreek Seed), Red Algae Derived Sea Minerals, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Grapefruit Seed Extract